A DIY Wreath for Christmas

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DIY wreath - christmas
I’ve never had a wreath at Christmas before, it’s always the one thing I forget! I decided to make my own this year from the huge amount of ribbon i seem to have collected over the past 12 months. The only thing that I actually needed to buy to make my Christmas wreath was a polystyrene ring. So my wreath cost me a total of £1.50!!

To make your own DIY Wreath follow these simple instructions…

diy wreath - Christmas

DIY Wreath

What you will need:
1 x Polystyrene ring
Collection of contrasting ribbons in different sizes
Wired ribbon
Dress making Pins

1. Start by pinning the end of your chosen background ribbon to the polystyrene ring. Begin to wrap the ring with the ribbon until completely covered. You can use pins as you go to make it more secure.

2. Choose a contrasting coloured ribbon and again wrap around the polystyrene ring, this time leaving a 5cm gap between each wrap.

3. Lastly wrap a thinner ribbon between the gaps of the last ribbon.

4. Using wired ribbon make a bow and pin on to the polystyrene ring.Here is a great video tutorial on how to make a 4 looped bow from wired ribbon. I made a simple 2 looped bow.

5. Add some buttons to complete the design. I glued mine but you could pin these too.

6. To finish, pin a piece of ribbon to the back of the polystyrene ring. And that’s it your DIY wreath is complete.

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    I want one! :-)

  2. […] eBay and polystyrene ring from a local fabric shop. I created the wreath in the same way as the Christmas Wreath I made last year so it was super simple! I also used scraps of short left over ribbon to add […]

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