Handmade Christmas Bauble

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Handmade christmas bauble

Handmade Christmas Bauble

Christmas isn’t that far away so I though I’d make something Christmasy. So I made this Handmade Christmas Bauble. There is no gluing involved, so they are really easy to make.

Handmade christmas bauble

All you need is:

Polystyrene Ball
Pearl Headed Pins
Ribbon (Approx 15 cm)

1. Take the polystyrene ball and pin two ends of the ribbon into the ball, this will make your loop handle.
2. Start to pin your buttons onto the polystyrene ball. The pearl head will hold the button into place. I also used normal dress making pins with a pearl bead to secure.
3. To fill the space between the buttons simply use some of the pearl head pins.

And that’s it!! Not gluing or stickiness, just use pins!

Handmade christmas decoration - bauble

Handmade christmas baubleHandmade christmas bauble
Take a look at my Homemade Christmas Pinterest Board for more ideas on handmade Christmas decorations.

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  1. pamyanny
    | Reply

    Really pretty, brilliant idea and something to while away those long winter nights! :-)

  2. Gemma Holtam
    | Reply

    Wow, I love this idea. Going to order the pearl headed pins and have a go myself

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  4. doro K.
    | Reply

    I linked to your tutorial on my blog – thanks for sharing!

    ♥, doro von Hand zu Hand

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